Could we let it rest in peace?

No, I wish I could say that I’m okay with that but I’m not ready to say goodbye. Yellowcard has been the one constant thing in my life throughout these 12 years. And the funny thing is I remember telling my parents “Take away the Yellowcard tickets but not the Good Charlotte ones” in tears( I had just failed my first test ever and GC was my everything at the time). Instead, they said, “Go, see Yellowcard and enjoy the show.” So I did as I was told and went to the show(I know, my parents were so tough one me).  I still remember the line wrapping around the building not really sure what to expect but I fell in love with them when I saw them for the first time at SOMA in San Diego on October 15, 2004.  There was something about their energy and how everyone in the crowd was riled up and singing their hearts out to each song that drew me in. The passion they bring to the stage each time they come to town hasn’t changed since that first time I saw them. And while it was hard to read these lines “Putting this into words hasn’t been easy. When saying farewell…”  THANK YOU, for the last 12 years of memories, songs that say how I feel when  I can’t find the words and being there for me. I might not be ready to Ocean Avenue like it’s the last time yet but “at least you know that I care enough to write”.


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