Why I rather go to a show by myself

I always have people ask”You’re always going to shows by yourself, don’t you wish you had someone to go with?” No, not really. I did have a small group of friends who I would go to shows with and I loved sharing those experiences with them and out of that group there’s only one person I will text when I’m watching The Wonder Years and say “You should be here!” But for the most part I rather go by myself because of the following:

Waiting on others: This kills me the most! Because, just tell me if you’re coming or not! I won’t be offended. I just need to know so I can plan when I’m  getting to the show. And if you’re coming to show, don’t be rude and show up late! For example, Warped Tour is one of the few concerts I’ll be there when doors open because I don’t know who goes on at 11. So when I’m waiting on you to be ready and it’s 10:45 and they just announced that Silverstein goes on at 11. I have already died inside and you have ruined part of my warped date because you couldn’t be ready when I said “We’re leaving at 10.”

Compromising: Yes, it sucks when sets overlap but asking someone if they mind leaving halfway through the set so you can go see another band sucks even more.

 Sour Face: If you’ve ever been to a concert with someone because your parents forced you to take a buddy or you didn’t want to be a loner. You know or kind of know what I’m talking about. Nothing kills my vibe more than seeing someone not enjoying themselves during a set especially when I’m on a music high. I straight up rather be alone than with someone who looks miserable and I ain’t talking about RBF because I suffer from that!

But if that isn’t enough to get you to go to a show  by yourself, just think about all the times you got lost in the music and didn’t even realize that your friend was standing next to you, sometimes it’s more about the music than the people you’re with.



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