ADTR Meet and Greet

Nowadays a tour announcement comes with a variety of packages to meet the band, hang out with them and some tour-related merch. But whatever happened to meeting the band organically?  You know waiting outside the venue after the show ended for the slim chance of meeting them while the rest of the crew loaded the bus. I’m not saying these meet and greet opportunities are bad, I just never found them to be as memorable as the times where I met the band randomly.

I can still remember  walking out of the venue and running into Silverstein after the show and I was just stoked on getting Paul’s drumstick and then the band offered to sign it or running down the stairs at the Viejas arena towards Lot L and waiting 3 hours to meet My Chemical Romance and Mikey being the only one who took pictures that day because everyone else was sick.

The two times I decided to get a meet and greet pass I just felt like I was more at Disneyland waiting to take a picture with Mickey Mouse which essentially that’s what a meet n greet is. Maybe I didn’t find them as memorable because it lacked some of the interaction that I got with the other two bands.  And I’ve seen bands add more features(?) to these meet n greet packages so they can connect with fans more. But wasn’t all the fun in the chasing and waiting for the band to come outside and kind of having your own unique experience?

Disclaimer: Totally taking part in the Yellowcard Meet and Greet because my time of waiting outside the venue for them has, unfortunately, ran out.


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