Go To that Show by Yourself

Nothing kills me like reading posts or tweets saying “@band help me find someone to go with to this show” or “Missing on @bands show because I couldn’t find anyone to go with”; because a person is missing out on, on an experience they could have easily been part of, if they had just let go of a few  of their fears.  It’s not easy to start going to shows or to attend anything by yourself but once you do, it can be liberating. Here’s how to survive going to your first show by yourself:

  1. Parking-Find the closest parking lot to the venue. I know that sometimes it’ll be an insane amount but I pay because I know I’ll be walking by myself late at night and it makes me feel safe.
  2.  Doors- I just low key mind my own business and look at my phone but sometimes I’ll find people who I’ll strike a conversation with. If you go to a venue a lot and someone needs help with venue policies lend a hand. This is how most of my conversations start while waiting for doors to open.
  3. Set Times- They’ll become your best friend unless you love the whole lineup, call your local venue or tweet the band and ask what time they go on and try to get there 20 min before they go on and chilling by yourself at doors won’t be an issue.
  4. Bar- Okay, this one only applies to us who are 21 and up but go grab a sit and have a drink. The bar is a judgment free zone and a make new friends zone.
  5. Cellphone- Thanks to social media are you ever really alone? Use it to catch up on your friends 40 new selfies.
  6. Safety- Always let someone close to you know when you get to the venue and when you’re heading back. If someone is creeping you out and they ask if you’re by yourself reply with “no, my friends are almost here” and move to a different spot.

But most importantly remember that YOU have something in COMMON with those OTHER PEOPLE in the VENUE. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made friends or friends for a night because we were just as excited to see the bands and their music means something to us. And if you ask me what’s my favorite part of going by myself to shows? I’ll tell you it’s when I find myself singing with a complete stranger and we’re  just enjoying ourselves singing. And not once have I felt alone because I was home with my concert family.



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